Each Ascension Session $20 usd
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1. Abundance
• Channeled Description: “Abundance means many things. The one you
associate abundance with the most is the prosperity in financial matters. But,
abundance is so much more. Abundance encompasses the good things that a
good life has to offer such as love, shelter, comfort, peace, happiness, food,
family, prosperity and a sense of being fulfilled, accomplished and satisfied
with your choices and creations that are your life. These
will assist one in healing obstacles and blocks to an abundant life and align one
with the universal and cosmic flows of divine abundance so that they can
manifest and become a permanent part of your co-creations in this lifetime.”
The Creator

Alchemical Magic
• Channeled Description: "This is a great time of change and therefore there is a
great need to transform vast amounts of density into love and mastery.
Alchemical Magic  will transform lead into liquid gold; it
will transform your old belief systems that are no longer serving you to “gold”.
There are 11 main areas that are in need of alchemical transformation in order
to attain mastery and higher levels of love. They are belief systems (brain),
heart, solar plexus, ego, root chakra, sacral chakra, throat chakra, third eye,
crown chakra, and the hands and feet chakras. These  will
allow you to know higher levels of your beingness and GOD so that you can be
the embodiment of the true you." St. Germain & Merlin

Aligning with GOD  
Channeled Description: “My children, through your exciting journeys and experiences
from lifetime to lifetime in this grand illusion of duality, you have experienced and felt
more and more separation from me as you choose to “dig deep in the trenches” to learn
and master your lessons of separation and duality. It is time to remember your
connection with me and to strengthen that connection once again. I never left you and
you never left me. It was only through illusion and deceit that you thought I was not near.
Allow me, my dear children to restore your tattered connections to me and to strengthen
them. In doing so, you will have my strength, my knowledge and my vision of this grand
plan that we are living. My children, it’s time to come home and to remember the truth
that you are most divine.” - GOD

• Central Channel Clearing and Alignment with GOD
• Activating Your GOD Antenna (etheric tuning fork to GOD at back of crown chakra)
• Antahkarana Activation from GOD
• Heart Alignment and Attunement to the Heart of GOD
• Mind Alignment and Attunement to the Mind of GOD
• Soul Alignment and Attunement to the Soul of God
• Will Alignment and Attunement to the Will of GOD
• Transcendence of the Ego
• Surrender to GOD
• Surrender to Your Divine Path
• Surrender Your Karmic Debt from the Past
• GOD Clearing of Cellular Memory
• GOD Clearing of Programs in the Minds, Brains and Energetic Systems
• GOD Restoration of Emotional Mastery
• Aligning Your Communications with the Heart and Mind of Truth
• GOD Alignment to Truth
• GOD Alignment to the Flow of Creation
• Alignment with the Peace and Serenity of GOD
• Alignment to the Eternal Love of GOD
• Alignment to the Vision of GOD's Plan

Alpha & Omega  
• Channeled Description: "Between the alpha and the omega is contained all
things, all experiences of this cosmos, including all that one has experienced in
their evolution within this cosmos. These  will purge and redefine
your experiences to reflect the light and love of the Creator. All less than
light experiences will be completely rewritten to reflect this new reality in order
to propel one forward in their evolution into the light for higher enlightenment
and service." Archangel Metatron & Lord Melchizedek

Angelic Mastery I
Channeled Description for both Angelic Mastery I and II: “We welcome you to reclaim
and utilize the gifts, power and mastery of your friends here in the high angelic realms of
love and light. Allow us to guide you, assist you, and hold the torch to light your most
blessed and sacred path with the Creator. Together we can master all, together we can
conquer all, as in heaven, as in earth, to bring the love, light and illumination of heaven to
this planet that has been held for so long in darkness. Awaken your contracts with GOD
and spread your angel wings of love and light for the upliftment and empowerment of
all!” Archangel Metatron & The Angelic Councils of Love

• Activating Your Angelic Wings of Service – Activation to assist each sentient being in
becoming a pure
channel for the angels of light to work with and through. Helps people to bring the angels into
their service
work and plan and path with the Creator.
• Angelic Rainbow Blessing – An angelic blessing that purifies each being’s energy fields so
that they may
work more closely with the angelic kingdom and councils of love.
• Seeding of Angelic Keys of Mastery – Awakening of spiritual gifts that are aligned with your
world service
and especially your world service work that you contracted to do with the angelic realms.
• Angelic Recalibration for World Service – An alignment from the angelic kingdom and
Councils of Love
to assist you in identifying and fulfilling your world service, mastery path and plan with the
• Angelic Keys of Enoch – Download of the angelic version of the Keys of Enoch which are
keys for
enlightenment and fire letter code sequences maintained in pristine integrity by the angelic
• Angelic Compassion – An activation from the angelic councils of love and kingdom to awaken
• Solar Angel Healing – An healing and clearing of your four lower bodies (physical, etheric,
emotional and
mental) from the Solar Angel.
• Connection to the Eternal I AM – An activation from the angelic councils of love and kingdom
to assist
you to connect with the I AM presence within you.
• Gifts from the Angelic Councils of Love – Angelic activation and downpouring of spiritual
gifts and
blessings from the angelic realm to each being.
• Angelic Grid Alignment – Aligns each being with the angelic grids for ascension.
• Angelic Alignment with the Divine Flow of Creation – Angelic alignment to the energies of
divine flow.
Helps all of your endeavors and projects to be aligned with the divine flow of creation energy.
• Peace on Earth – Enables each being to act as an angelic channel for peace on earth. Helps
to anchor
peace on earth into the planetary grids.
• Tree of Life Activation – Opens up the angelic centers for higher awareness and
consciousness within
the etheric body.
• Keys to Ascension of the Heart – Golden keys to awaken the merkaba of light and love
located within the
heart. Angelic upgrade for the heart.
• Keys to Ascension of the Mind – Keys to help each being to connect their mind with the Mind
of the
Creator. Angelic upgrades for the minds and brains.
• Angelic Scan and Restoration – Angelic scan of each being’s energy fields and a restoration
recalibration back to the divine ideal blueprint and template.
• Opening Angelic Chambers of the Heart – A gentle session to open up the angelic chambers
of love
within each being’s heart center.
• Angelic Lotus Activation – Opens the lotus within the heart so that the mind, body and spirit
may be
integrated through the heart.
• Michael’s Blue Ray – A blasting session from Archangel Michael to clear out cords,
attachments and
entities – anything and everything that is not aligned to each being’s mastery path and plan
with the
• Raphael’s Emerald Ray - In this session, Archangel Raphael scans your physical body for
and transmits the emerald green ray to clear and heal them.
• Gabriel’s Gold Ray – In this session, Archangel Gabriel scans your twelve bodies and
applies the gold ray
to heal, clear and release less-than-love energies lodged within your energetic systems. This
ray clears out
the denser vibrations.
• Metatron’s Platinum Ray– In this session, Metatron scans your twelve bodies and applies the
gold ray to
heal, clear and release less-than-love energies lodged within your energetic systems. This
ray clears out
the finer level dense vibrations.

Angelic Mastery II (Prerequisite is Angelic Mastery I)
• Angelic Restoration of the Energetic Spaces – Angelic dispensation of grace to help each
sentient being
to heal and clear the energetic spaces and regions of their total beingness. Heals the damage
done by
brokenness and separation.
• Angelic Restoration of the Divine Heart – Restores heart to the divine templates and
blueprints for the
divine ideal for the heart.
• Angelic Restoration of the Divine Mind – Restores the minds and brains to the divine
templates and the
divine ideal for the minds and brains.
• Restoring the Cords of Love – Angelic dispensation of grace to help each sentient being to
restore all of
the cords of love anchoring the soul to Source and to the Creator.
• Clearing Addictions at the Soul Level – Clears addictive and obsessive behavior at the soul
level. Goes
after the weaknesses, genetics, entities and implants and the energetic anchors for addictive
behavior and
• Rainbow Light Purification – Realigns and purifies each being's energy bodies, parts and
• Restoration of Your Soul Matrix – After lifetimes of living in lower dimension worlds like
Earth, often your
soul matrix gets pretty tattered. This angelic activation helps restore your soul matrix back to
the divine
blueprints and pristine nature it originally had.
• Seeding Love and Light – Angelic dispensation of grace to help beings achieve emotional
mastery by
seeding light and love packets at the soul level.
• Seeding Divine Knowledge – Plants gifts of divine knowledge to assist one's soul in it s
evolutionary cycle
to reach the highest level of ideas and probabilities that will propel the soul forward in its
evolution with the
• Seeding of Compassion and Forgiveness – Heals old and new soul wounds to assist souls
to return
back to a state of divine perfection.
• Divine Mother Blessing – The Divine Mother steps forward to water, nurture, nourish and
protect the
angelic seeds to make sure that they grow.
• Angelic Monadic Defrag – Angelic scan and purging of everything at the monadic level that
holds you
back from achieving your full potential and moving into mastery.
• Monadic Reformatting – The angels utilize the platinum energy ray frequencies to upgrade
and reformat
the monad for ascension.
• Angelic Monadic Alignment – Aligns monad to Creator and Source. Restores to the monad
the original
alignment it had with the Creator from the beginning.
• Restoration of Your Ascension Blueprint with the Creator – Receive the Language of Light
and scrolls from the Creator for your monad's original ascension blueprints.
• Monadic Clearing and Anchoring – Preparation for the axiatonal alignment. Disconnects your
from energy fields that are not aligned with your monad's highest good at this time.
• Monadic Axiatonal Alignment – Connects your monad with the stars, planets and solar
systems that
support mastery for your entire monadic group.
• Monadic Expansion – Spiritual dispensation of grace from the Creator for your monad to
enhance the
amount of love, light and mastery frequencies that your monad can access.
• Monadic Cleansing and Purification – A cleansing and purification process to assist with the
axiatonal alignment.
• Multiverse Monadic Expansion and Axiatonal Alignment – Helps your monad connect with the
multiverse level and realigns and recalibrates the energy fields for the monadic group so that
they can
experience this.
• Temple of Higher Knowledge – Download of light and love packets of higher dimension
wisdom that can
assist your monad to view things from a grander perspective that is more aligned with Source.

• Channeled Description: "To attain mastery of self, one needs to balance the
masculine and feminine aspects of self to function at higher levels of mastery
or androgyny so to speak. Duality has created separateness of the sexes where
one is clearly male or female, when it is our birthright to be in physical form and
embody the divine attributes and power of both the masculine and the feminine.
In doing so, war will end and peace will reside in your soul and in your world.
Apollo is the representation of the masculine and I, Athena, am the
representation of the feminine. We are one GOD but because of the duality and
separation on this planet, we came in as separate masters to teach others how
to once again merge back together as one. We will teach you how to master the
fine qualities and attributes of Love that each feminine and masculine aspect
brings in order to attain the perfection of the soul." The Goddess Athena

Archangel Gabriel
• Channeled Description: “Let me assist you in great love and bravery to conquer all
that has been placed in your path to mastery. Let me be the torch to shine on the
solutions when you need them the most. Let me be your friend and your loving
guide to share your victories with, for I AM Archangel Gabriel and in these , I pass on my
blessings, knowledge and assistance to you in service to
the light all mighty.” - Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Michael  
• Channeled Description: “Let me show you what freedom really is. Experience the
freedom of your soul and mastery that is beyond the confines of this world and
reality so that you can reclaim who you truly are and shine that truth onto this
world as a divine beacon of GOD. This is my gift to you.” - Archangel Michael

Archangel Raphael
• Channeled Description: “Feel the emerald green ray that I am emanating to you
now. Feel the love and healing I have for you. Feel my heart with yours as we
transcend time and illusion to assist you in receiving great healing, cleansing and
purification of the mind, body and soul. Feel your soul illuminate with the
perfection that is GOD, placing you in great peace, balance and harmony. This is
my gift to you my loved ones.” - Archangel Raphael

Archangel Sandalphon
• Channeled Description: “Feel my heart and my hands as I place them on your
shoulders. I AM Love, I AM Love Divine and through my love I gift you in health,
balance and peace. I will help connect you to the nature realms of love and light to
assist you in great healing and in great revelation of the truth as it pierces through
the illusion. This is my gift to you.” -Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Uriel
• Channeled Description: “Feel my wings around you brimming with love and
comfort to your frazzled nerves. The world you live in is full of hustle and bustle
and one needs to take time to rest, reflect and to heal from the traverses of this
world. Let me comfort you, fill you with tranquility and peace, and open your heart
to pure love and compassion that is the true “you”. This is my gift to you.” -
Archangel Uriel

Archangel Zadkiel
• Channeled Description: “Knowledge is the key to growth, the staple that propels
us forward in knowing self, GOD and the mastery of those things. True mastery is
applying the wisdom from the heart to all that you see, do and experience. When
one’s being can come from this place of mastery within the heart, your world and
how you experience it will change. You will be happy, loving, caring and you will
live your life effortlessly, the way the Creator intended it. This is my gift to you.” -
Archangel Zadkiel

Ascending with a Body
• Channeled Description: “There will be more individuals ascending on this planet
then ever before in the history of this world and in this Universe. In the recent
past, ascension candidates had the choice of selecting to ascend in their physical
body or in their mayavarupa body. Those who choose the mayavarupa body
ascended into their 5th dimensional body which is lighter and less dense, or
physical. While in this body, hair does not grow so there is no need for haircuts or
shaving. Food and sleep are no longer a necessity as one lives off of light to
sustain their body and energetic systems. Those who ascended in a physical body,
raised the vibration of their physical body to physical perfection and received a
miracle healing, and began to operate from the perfected human form as the
Creator intended it. As with everything, there is choice. Some of you may choose
to ascend in your physical bodies so that you can still enjoy eating food and
cutting your hair, so that you are able to integrate into society without appearing
different. These  are for those choosing to ascend in their
physical vehicles.” - The Mother of All of Creation

• Channeled Message: “Greetings! I am Love and I am here to remind you that you
are love too. Every cell of you is composed of magnificent love from the Creator
that makes up your perfected blueprint for your human form. I will assist you in
awakening this gift with in your being so that you can reclaim your birthright,
activate your GOD DNA, and be propelled in your divine mastery and service
mission for the light and the highest good of all. Once you accept these I will be your personal
guide to assist you in the completion of your
mission here on earth. My love will light the way, support you and guide you in
your magnificence that you are!” In loving service, your friend, Babaji

Channeled Description: ”My devoted followers, I have been given permission from the
Creator to offer you these most astounding and divine dispensations that will excel
you on your path to planetary mastery. Allow me to clear your spiritual senses and
activate them so that you can soar to higher levels of divinity. Allow me to activate
what is your birthright - your connection to the Creator and allow this connection to
become a part of your daily life and routine with ease and grace. Allow me to release
your burdens of the past and connect you to higher realms of love, light and learning.
In doing so, you become the vehicle to bring these energies here for the
enlightenment of all. My devoted followers, do not merely walk in my footsteps, but
instead walk beside me for all is known on the path of gold.” – Buddha

Lord Buddha has stepped forward with some very powerful activations for this time on the

• Eye of God (third eye activation)
• Heart of God (heart chakra opening, expansion and activation)
• Ears of God (increases and enhances clairaudience)
• Buddha Cleansing (golden light clearing for physical and etheric bodies and for all energetic
• Cellular Memory Clearing (uses the Violet/Gold flame to transmute, heal and clear cellular
• Buddha Alignment to God (aligns your energetic bodies, fields, parts and particles to the
• Knowledge Attunement to the Buddhic Planes (brain expansion and third eye activation
which places, opens and activates a lotus of light in your third eye)
• Buddha Lotus Activation for the Heart (heart expansion activation which places, opens and
activates a lotus of love in your heart and also connects the lotus in the heart to the lotuses in
the third eye, throat and ears)
• Buddha Lotus Activation for the Throat (throat chakra activation which places, opens and
activates a lotus of love and light into your throat and creates rods of light from the lotus in the
throat to the lotuses in the heart, third eye and ears)
• Buddha Lotus Activation for the Ears (installs a lotus of love and light into both ears and
creates rods of light from the lotuses in the ears to the lotuses in the third eye, heart and
• Buddha Accelerator (a permanent attunement and activation to raise the cellular vibration of
a being - assisting them to release slow, negative and/or dense energies and frequencies.
• Buddha's Golden Spheres (a permanent attunement and activation to increase the speed
and vibration of quantum fields, parts and particles including the atomic structures and levels)
• Buddha's Golden Waterfall (a permanent attunement and activation from Buddha to assist
you in becoming more fluid in all of your energetic systems)
• Buddha Grounding (helps you to anchor and embody more of your spiritual energy and
power into your physical body in a grounded manner)
• Buddha's Earth Grounding (helps you to anchor and ground into the highest level energies
of Gaia)
• Buddha's Temple of Knowledge Within Your (activates the temple of knowledge within
your heart so that you can live more from the heart)
• Buddha Neutrality and Detachment (plants a seed of light within your energy fields to help
you to stay detached and neutral in the midst of change and when others around you are
caught up in drama or processing)
• Buddha Renewal and Rejuvenation (clears the lower reptilian brains of density, upgrades
pineal gland functioning, brings in light codes for immortality)
• Buddha's Gift of Serenity (heart expansion attunement that opens chambers in the heart to
peace and serenity)
• Buddha Activation for Mastery (assists you to align to higher spiritual vibrations,
frequencies and energy patterns to assist you to achieve planetary ascension)

Buddha/Quan Yin
• Channeled Message: "Within the realms of spiritual mastery, one is taught how to
master the mind so that it can not rule the heart. Great teaching and practice is
performed by the initiate to teach the mind to come from the heart so that it may
lead the mind in love. This is the corner stone to Buddhist philosophy. Another
important teaching is the mastery of the masculine and the feminine aspects of
oneself. It is the merging of these dualities that allows one to tap into greater levels
of awareness of GOD and the higher realms of love. These  will
assist one in merging, integrating and healing the duality aspects within them so
that one may know, feel and experience higher love." Lord Buddha and Quan

Central Sun
• Channeled Message: "We are the Councils of the Central Sun bidding you a warm
welcome of love and light. We have prepared these  for you to
assist those who are ready to anchor the higher vibrations of the central sun on
your planet to assist you, Gaia and others in your ascension process. Like the
initiates in the ancient days of Egypt, you will be a channel of this high vibration
cosmic love and light that will help to shift this planet into the 1000 years of peace
and the next Golden Age of Enlightenment. We congratulate you on your choice to
shine!" The Central Sun Councils of Love

Christ/Mary Magdalene
• Channeled Message: "Beloveds, now is the time to reclaim your “Christship”, your
mastery, and the truth of who you are. We are in service to our Lord and are here
to help you reclaim this forgotten path that lies dormant within your heart of
hearts. Let us awaken the Christ within you so that you may radiate this blessed
essence and love at all times. At the time I was incarnated here on your planet I
was but one Christed individual to teach many who were willing to learn the
Christed ways. Now in your most recent history there will be many Christed beings
walking this earth in service to teach the ways of our Lord." Christ and Mary

• Channeled Description: “Dear ones, it is time to reclaim your birthright of great
mastery in these changing times. It‘s time to reclaim and remember the God that
you are. You are not a creation of mere circumstances but have a more important
role as a co-creator of your life and as a co-creator in the grand divine plan.
Choose now to reclaim your power, your gifts, your solitude with spirit and unlock
the power that lies within you. Reclaim the Christ empowerment that is your
birthright that was lost and forgotten though the eons of time. It is time to
remember that you are Christ, you are the Christos energy, you are love, you are
the divine!” -Lord Maitreya
• The Christos Mastery series is a spiritual dispensation to assist one in activating the “Christ”
within and embracing and exuding those Christ-like qualities. The attributes listed below are
actually multi-dimensional mastery symbols that fit layer upon layer in one’s energetic fields,
forming an intricate energetic pattern that activates layer upon layer of frequencies and energy
patterns of Christos Mastery for this Universe and beyond.
o Purity
o Virtue
o Freedom
o Clarity of Mind, Heart and Soul
o Serenity
o Hope
o Faith
o Solitude
o Peace
o Innocence
o Joy
o Compassion
o Devotion
o Strength
o Courage
o Power
o Passion
o Wisdom
o Truth
o Trust

• Channeled Message: "These  will activate the sleeping
Christos/Buddha blueprints and imprints that are encoded in your DNA, your cells
and in your heart. These are the blueprints that were activated and awakened by
the masters that walked and continue to walk this earth, including Jesus Christ,
Lord Buddha, Quan Yin, Sai Baba, St. Germain and many more! This is a most
amazing dispensation from the Universal Office of the Christ and my gift to you."
Lord Maitreya, Head of the Universal Office of the Christ

Co-Creating Heaven on Earth
• Channeled Description: “This is an era that heralds the blessed change that has
been foretold by the eons of time and space of a new dawn that will bring heaven
on earth, releasing the planet and all of its inhabitants of the past transgressions
of those who played GOD and manipulated the human race and its DNA for its own
selfish means. Today the trumpet blows to herald in this age of awakening where
we can be released from the shackles and slavery of those who held us captive, to
enter a new earth or way of being, that will show the way for all to sovereignty,
freedom and enlightenment! In the name of our Lord, in the name of the Christ, let
freedom ring! Bring heaven to earth now! In accepting these  
you join the growing numbers of sentients on this planet in the choice to anchor
heaven on earth.” -The Mother of All of Creation

Cosmic Ascension
• Channeled Description: “Once one uplifts in their ascension body and their
planetary ascension is completed, the next steps of one’s spiritual evolution and
mastery is the evolvement and upliftment in their cosmic ascension. Planetary
ascension can be achieved in a lifetime, where as cosmic ascension takes many
lifetimes of mastery and is infinite. There are no limits to our self-realization as
GOD for there are many levels to be mastered. All blessed Ascended Masters such
as Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Lord Maitreya, are all working on
their cosmic ascension, mastering various levels through their service work. These
will provide you with blessed tools to assist you and support
you every step of the way in your cosmic ascension process.” – The Creator

Council of 24
• Channeled Description: "We are the Council of 24 who make up the Council of 48
that surround the Blessed Godhead. We have a special service mission with your
planet to help Gaia and its sentient beings to the next level of its evolution and its
enlightenment. We work with many councils of love and the various universal,
galactic and cosmic offices of the Christhead, all in oneness to assist you beautiful
beings into the full realization of your omnipotence as GOD and as co-creators.
These  contain tones and vibrational frequencies that will raise
you above the density of this world to receive the higher cosmic love frequencies
that are being sent to you and your planet. These  will make you the
most divine receptors calibrated to receive this love and light with ease and grace
for the highest good of all. In loving service," The Council of 24

Council of 48  (Suggested Prerequisite is Council of 24 )
• Channeled Message: “We are the Council of 48 who over see the spiritual
development of this universe and others within this one cosmos. It is our assigned
task to assist spiritual developing worlds with advanced profiles that propel a
class D 3rd dimensional world up to an 8th dimensional world in spiritual
development, including all sentient beings who inhabit it. It is part of our mission
and our service to you and this world to offer you these  that
will assist not only your individual spiritual growth but also that of Mother Terra.
Each sequence signature given will be as unique as one of your human
fingerprints; no two are alike because no two of you are alike in your soul and
destiny signatures. These  will ignite Christed profiles within
your DNA coding that will assist you in fulfilling your Christed mission on Mother
Terra.” - Council of 48

• Channeled Description: “It is time my children to reclaim your sovereignty and the
remembrance that you are “GOD”. Join me in co-creation and reclaim your
birthright. Take my hand in your hand and I will show you the great worlds we will
create together.” - The Creator
• The Creator  will benefit both men and women by providing powerful clearing
profiles, attunements and activations to reclaim the “GOD” within. These  work in
balance and synergy with the Goddess  to assist individuals to bring in the
divine ideal balance of the male and female energies that reside in all of us. The Creator told me
that when our masculine and feminine sides are in balance and harmony great mastery can be
achieved and we enter a state of oneness with all of creation.
o Activation to Connect You with the God Within
o Activation to Connect You with the Eternal I AM
o Cellular Level Purging and Recalibration
o DNA Activation and Recalibration
o Creator Download of Knowledge
o Creator Kundalini Attunement and Alignment
o Creator Kundalini Activation
o Creator's Purple Robe of Mastery
o Creator's Scepter of Power Activation
o Creator' s Sword of Divine Truth
o Seeds of Expansion Activation
o Solar Expansion for Mastery
o Mahatma Activation
o Creator's Heart Expansion for Oneness
o Celestial Map for Mastery Expansion
o Universal Pillars of Knowledge Download
o Fully Anchoring Your Consciousness in the Here and Now
o Fully Anchoring the Flow of Creation
o Attunement to the Higher Ascension Rays
o Creator’s Dispensation to Rewrite Your Ancient Records

Creator Codes  
• Channeled Message: “You are made in my image; you are a creator of your own
destiny, a creator of your journeys and a creator in your healing and your mastery.
All that you need to be successful in your spiritual journey is all ready contained
within you. I will assist you with my love to unravel these codes from the deepest
recesses of your being and bring it forward for your most divine expression of the
magnificent creator that you are. Your beauty and love will be shared and enjoyed
by all by just your mere presence. You are love, you are light, you are a creator of
your realm.” -The Creator

Crystalline Body, DNA and Heart
• Channeled Message: "These are a divine dispensation at
this time from the Office of the Christ. We know the challenges that you face in this
world and would like to offer as much assistance as we can to you and the planet
in your blessed ascension process. You can call on me, Lord Maitreya, head of the
Office of the Christ for assistance anytime. These mastery dispensations will
assist in raising you higher in your frequency of love by providing you with the
divine ideal crystalline bodies needed in your evolution and by activating the
sacred “Christed Codes” in your DNA and heart chakra, so that you can become a
divine “Christed Being” in physical form." Lord Maitreya, Head of the
Universal Office of the Christ

Da Vinci
• Channeled Message: “Da Vinci was a visionary that tapped not only into the
events of the future, but into the future of his mastery as experienced in the higher
dimensional realms. These will activate your future
potentialities and mastery and bring them forward for their expression in the here
and now.” - The Creator

. Divine Father
Channeled Description: My children, this time on your world is a time of great change
and turmoil. Fear not for all is part of my divine plan of ascension and you have all
volunteered to embrace this grand unfolding of these 1,000 years of peace that are to
come. You are so close to this time my children, and I am providing you with tools that
will provide clearing on the deepest levels of your being to clear away density and frailty
of your past transgressions, to assist you in exposing a more refined and brilliant side to
your magnificent being so that you can bring forth the gifts you came to contribute to the
grand evolution this world is unfolding to. It is time to remember your contracts with me
and do what you came here to do. I will assist in this endeavor by lifting the veils of time
and illusion that have clouded you for so long, so that you can witness and embrace the
flame of truth, in every particle of your divine being. -The Divine Father

The following Divine Father Mastery profiles are gifted from the Divine Father at this time to
powerful clearing of any and all obstacles you may have with your path and plan with the
Creator for this
world and its ascension. The twenty sequences in Level One of Divine Father Mastery assist
beings to
release any obstacles they may have in the following areas:

o Forgiveness
o Compassion
o Charity
o Strength
o Ambition
o Foreknowing/Foretelling
o Hope
o Love
o Will
o Destiny
o Opportunity
o Desire
o Mastery
o Plan
o Path
o Sojourn
o Remembering
o Knowledge
o Right Use of Power
o Omniscience

Divine Mother and Father
• Channeled Description: "Blessed ones we are here to teach you about mastery of
self, mastery of spirit and mastery of love. Within these  
contains great gifts that will awaken your divinity, awaken your power, your gifts
and talents so that you are better able to serve for the higher good of this world
and others in this universe. Many of you who will be drawn to these mastery
sequences have contracted to receive these prior to coming into form, awaiting the
time for us to make available the next level that is needed for your evolution and
planetary ascension. That time is now dear ones. Accept these sequences with the
highest love that these are transmitted, allow them to lift you soul, lift your spirit
and lift your vibration to the levels and realms of the blessed masters of love &
light." The Divine Father and Mother

Divine Mother
Channeled Description: “My children, step into my heart, there is great love for you. I am
in admiration of the lessons and paths you choose for all lead to the divine. Allow me to
assist you to reach great levels of mastery, mastery of the heart and mastery of the
emotions. For all is love and you are all created from this love. Allow me to assist you in
dusting off the density and allowing your brilliance to shine forth, to shine forth the truth
of who you are. You are most magnificent!” -The Divine Mother

The following Divine Mother Mastery items each contain hundreds and thousands of
recalibrations to
assist one in achieving emotional mastery. What is emotional mastery? According to the Divine
emotional mastery is mastery over the negative emotions associated with fear and the
embracing all the
emotions associated with the love frequencies. Emotional mastery is mastery over our
emotions about
others, our “selves” and the Creator. When we master all three it propels us into ascended
where we can achieve great world and cosmic service in the name of the Divine.

o Emotional Sovereignty Sequences (to assist one in attaining emotional mastery)
o Mastery of Compassion for Self and Others
o Mastery of Self Love, Self Worth and Self Esteem
o Emotional Mastery of the Inner Child
o Mastery of the Inner Sanctum of the Heart (helps one to open heart facets and inner
o Alignment to the Divine Mother's Ascension Seat (Ascension seats are sacred spaces
that can assist one in raising their spiritual vibration so that they can ascend)
o Mastery of Gentleness and Purity (helps one to view the world through the eyes of an
innocent and pure child)
o Ray Healing and Purification from the Divine Mother (Cleansing and purification of
each being's energetic systems using the Sacred Rays of the Creator)
o Parallel Reality Love Cord Infusion (Infuses the cords between you and your parallel
selves with love and compassion)
o Love Cord Infusion for Other Aspects of You and Your Soul Lineage (Infuses the
cords between you and your past lives and future lives and your connection with your soul
family with love and compassion)
o Love Cord Infusion for Self and Others (Infuses the cords between you and others with
love and compassion)
o Love Cord Infusion for Planetary Mastery (aligns one to the highest choices and
guidance for planetary service work and for achieving mastery)
o Alignment to the Star Gates, Portals and Doorways that Will Assist with Your
Individual Ascension and Mastery
o Love Cord Infusion for Omniverse Mastery (Infusion of love acts as a key to allow you
to enter the higher realms of learning and mastery)
o Anchoring Higher Concepts to this World
o Activation of Your Ribbons of Light (Helps build and fill out your rainbow bridge
connecting your soul to your personality - the antahkarana)
o Anchoring to the Love Ascension Grid on the Planet
o Divine Mother Correction Paradigm for the Soul Matrix
o Divine Mother Correction Paradigm for the Over Soul
o Love Cord Connection to Those in Your Ascension Lineage

El Morya
• Channeled Description: “My friends and dear loved ones, feel the love that I am
emanating from my heart to yours. You are not alone on your journey. You have
much assistance and guidance from us beloved servants of GOD. Ask and you
shall receive the bountiful love and healing that GOD has for each and every one of
you. Feel the purple ray of wisdom, clarity and divinity lovingly fill you, raising you
to higher levels of your mastery, brining you closer to the divinity that awaits to be
remembered and activated within you. This is my gift to you. With Love and light of
the high heavens,” - El Morya

• Channeled Description: "Blessings to you all and blessings to you who have
awakened or are ready to awaken to you magnificence and your grand plan in this
world of worlds. We are here to assist you in this endeavor by providing what you
need to accomplish this task. In these  are encodements that
will awaken the truth of who you are. It will awaken within you the knowledge of
your purpose and assignment on this world. Each of you have come into this world
with certain encodements that are to be activated at certain times or cycles in your
evolution, and if you are drawn to these mastery sequences, then that time is now.
We will function as a big “Key” to turn you on, to activate what is all ready within
your magnificence. Shine! Shine! Shine o’ dear one for the time has come." -
Elohim Councils of Love

Field of Infinite
• Channeled Message: “These will activate within your “field of
infinite potentialities” the divine ideal situations, people, and learning that will
support your mastery and ascension in this lifetime. Once this is set in motion, a
myriad of infinite possibilities will be sent your way, allowing much choice and
direction to the life you want to create.” - The Creator

• Channeled Description: “Ahh, forgiveness. It is easier said then done, is it not?
Sometimes forgiveness is hard because we are more angry at ourselves for
allowing the situation to happen then we are angry at the transgressors.
Forgiveness will set you free. You have heard this mantra before and what is
revealed in these words is the truth that in forgiveness of self and others you set
your self free of karma, you set yourself free of hatred, anger and fear, you set
yourself free of separation and come into the understanding that we are all one. If
we hurt ourselves we are hurting others and vice versa. Forgiveness is the key to
ascension and miracles. In accepting these mastery sequences you heal and
release all programs that bind you to another, to a situation, another place, world,
time, space and dimension where your true essence is trapped in hate, anger or
fear. You will be released, healed and integrated into your present self and all past
transgressions will be forgiven and karmically balanced.” - The Mother of All of

• Channeled Description: "This planet that you live on is more then what you see
and touch. Many of you forget that I am a great master who is on an ascension
process as well. Together we contribute to the whole ascension process for the
planet and all sentient beings here. We need each other to do this. Like cogs in a
wheel, we need each other to function and to live. Blessed incarnate beings such
as yourself assist in anchoring vast amounts of love and cosmic light to raise the
vibration of the planet as a whole. Creator is the source, you are the channel, and I
am the receiver of this great love. This period in the history of the earth is a great
time of cleansing, healing and casting out those who do not fit in with God’s plan
of love and peace. In order for our work to be most successful you need to be fully
grounded and present in your physical body at all times, you need not buy into
fear or anger, but instead fill your self with divine love and master that state. The
more sentient beings that go into fear, the more it tips the scales for the dark. The
more sentient beings that go into love and remain there, the more it tips the scales
for the light and the ascension process as a whole, do you see?
will allow even the most “cosmic” beings incarnated here to
integrate and ground into my frequency of love and to align to my heart beat. You
will be plugged into me so to speak and a calmness and love will envelop you. I
thank you for your most blessed assistance as we work together to assist this
world and all sentient beings to shift to a higher frequency of divine love for the
purpose of bringing heaven on earth." - Gaia

• Channeled Description: “I may be big, but I am gentle. Feel my love for you and
feel my compassion that I have for you that will dissolve the barriers and obstacles
in your life like gentle rain melting an ice cube. I can assist you in the realization
that what you may perceive as solid, hard barriers, are really “blobs of putty” that
can be dissolved and transformed with love. Love conquers all, love heals all
wounds and love is the path that leads to all that there is…..GOD. This is my gift to
you. Namasté.” Ganesh

Channeled Description: “Let me awaken within you the forgotten gifts of the ways of the
feminine, of the Goddess, and of Creation. It is time in this planets’ evolution to reclaim
the power of the feminine in order to create balance and healing for this planet and her
blessed creatures. For far too long this planet has been plagued like a storm by wars and
imbalance in power among the men and women, resulting in great separation and pain in
the heart of the Creator. The way to heal this is to bring in the feminine energies of peace
and love, to heal these old wounds so that a balance can be created, and a movement
into oneness can reign supreme once again in this Golden Age.” -The Divine

Goddess assigned to assist in the evolution of Gaia

• The following mastery sequences will benefit both women and men by providing powerful
clearing profiles,
attunements and activations to reclaim the Goddess within and all her magical gifts and
abilities for healing
self, others and the planet and to assist in anchoring the feminine energy necessary to bring
in the Golden
Age of Enlightenment.

o Activating the Feminine Warrior Within
o Activating the Heart of the Female Warrior
o Being at One with Nature
o Being at One with the Goddess Within
o Being at One with Gaia
o Coming from the Mind of the Goddess (mind recalibration)
o Coming from the Heart of the Goddess (heart recalibration)
o Attuning to the Goddess in All of Nature
o Attunement to the Elemental Kingdom
o Attunement to the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom
o Attunement to the Plant Kingdom
o Attunement to the Animal Kingdom
o Attunement to the Healing Waters of the Planet
o Attunement to the Forces of Nature for Healing
o Working with the Five Elements for Healing and Purification (the five elements are
Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether)
o Ability to Communicate Telepathically with all of Gaia's Creatures
o Ability to Heal Planetary Waters
o Ability to Connect and Work with Dolphins on Planetary Healing
o Ability to Connect and Work with the Blessed Beings of Light in Service to Gaia
o Goddess Activation for Empowerment

Grace of GOD  
• Channeled Message: ““Grace” is a very powerful force in healing and one that is
often forgotten. Miracles are performed with grace and all healing by GOD is
performed by the energy and love of “grace”. These are a
divine dispensation that will bring to your energetic beingness great healing by the
grace of GOD to assist you in a miracle healing of all wounds and injuries from
ancient civilizations of earth’s past that reside in your cellular memory, allowing
more room in your energetic spaces for your soul’s expression through your
vehicle.” - The Creator

Green Tara/White Tara  
• Channeled Description: “Let me reveal the secrets of great health and vitality. In
my incarnation here on earth, I mastered the art of mudras and learned the ways of
the ancients to cleanse, heal and balance the body and it’s energetic systems. I
also learned the mudras for enlightenment and divinity. In these sequences, are
great gifts awaiting to propel you forward in your mastery. This is my gift to you.-In
loving service,” - Green Tara

Healing the Emotional Body
• Channeled Description: “Your emotional bodies are scared and torn from the
battles of lessons from the eons of time. Allow us to cleanse you, repair you, lift
you into the highest heavens for great healing. Let us restore your emotional body
to perfection and in doing so, great healing will occur in your DNA coding and
body.” - The Mother of ALL of Creation

Healing the Mental Body
• Channeled Description: “From the mental body is born your thoughts, ideas and
intuitive perceptions. When ones thoughts are negative it creates imbalance and
sickness in ones body. Many individuals who are depressed have very cloudy
mental bodies. This cloudy mental body in turn attracts more situations and
thoughts that are like minded, giving credence to the old adage, “what you think is
what you create”. These  will cleanse and heal your mental
body and restore it to its divinity where it will assist one in its true purpose in
integrating universal truths with the rational mind.” - The Mother of All of

Healing Your Relationships
• Channeled Description: “Through your relationships and interactions with family,
loved ones and acquaintances, there are myriad opportunities for the mastery of
lessons and the integration of experiences that will lead one to great levels of love
and forgiveness. In these , you will be gifted with divine
dispensations from our Lord to heal and balance karma and to master the realm of
“divine relationship” in all that you encounter in your daily life. The mastery of
“Divine relationship” is the mastery of seeing the GOD in everyone you meet and
treating them as so.” - The Mother of All of Creation

Heart of Creator
• Channeled Description: “Within my heart is contained a love so vast that it can not
be measured. With in my heart exists worlds with in worlds, universes with in
universes, and cosmos with in cosmoses of all my creations that came into
existence from my love. In these mastery sequences, I will gift each and every one
of you with that love and divine knowledge of who you are and what you came her
to do to assist in your service to this world and universe.” - The Creator

Heart of GOD
• Channeled Description: “You are all created in my image. You are GOD. In each
and every incarnation and experience that is available to you, is an opportunity to
remember and understand the GOD presence that is with in you, that is your soul
essence, that is the blood that flows within your veins. Let me reveal to you that
what you all ready know…your magnificence.” - The Creator

Heart of the Goddess
• Channeled Description: “The “Heart of the Goddess” is the divine feminine
principle and the mastery of love and those principles as they apply to nature and
all her elements. To master the “Heart of the Goddess”, is to be in love, harmony
and service to the nature, animal and mineral kingdoms of this world.” - The

• Channeled Message: “Greetings! I gift you with stamina, devotion and guidance
on your most sacred of journeys to knowing the GOD/GODDESS that you all ready
are. Does this sound like a riddle? No, I assure you there are no riddles here, just
universal truths of your magnificence and your choice to shine! These are a divine
dispensation that will assist you in mastering common
stumbling blocks to ascension, such as pitfalls of maya, illusion and glamour of
this world or otherwise commonly known as “the ego”. I assure you that the ego is
not to be feared but embraced and loved. When that happens, ego is transcended
to higher love and ego no longer operates as a separate entity, but it is absorbed
into the oneness of your soul and its expression is much more loving and in
servitude. I will assist in helping you to absorb your individual ego to embrace
your global service.” – Hilarion

Holy Grail
• Channeled Message: “The Holy Grail is a fable that weaves universal truths of
“how to become a Christed Being” into a parable in order to activate the memory
of this truth in individuals for when they are ready. These  will
activate the Holy Grail codes or Christed Being codes of mastery from within you,
throughout your lifetime and spiritual evolution, allowing one to drink the Holy
nectar of the Christ, or more specifically allowing the merging of the lower self into
that of the higher “Christed Self”.” -The Creator

Holy Spirit Shekinah
Channeled Description: “I AM the HOLY SPIIRT SHEKINAH. I have gifts for you from the
Divine Creator that will heal you, infuse you with divine qualities and empower your
divinity with the Creator of all Creators. Soar with me into the heavens and brings these
gifts down here to earth where they are most needed. Let me be your shepherd, your
guide into the heavens of all heavens where all is possible, where all can be healed,
where all is loved. Let me fill your being with love, peace and serenity for my heart is the
home of the divine, the blessed Creator of all Creators. Let me bathe you with cleansing
healing waters of the divine to assist you in a miracle healing. Ask and you shall be
answered. Ask and you shall be received. Ask and you shall be healed. That is my
promise from my heart to yours.” - The Holy Spirit Shekinah

The following mastery profiles are a special spiritual dispensation given to us by the Holy Spirit
Shekinah. These
powerful, yet very gentle and loving energies, cleanse and purifies one’s being and
permanently infuses one with
the divine attributes of trust, faith, spiritual focus, charity, compassion and devotion. The Holy
Spirit Shekinah
lovingly anchors transmutation grids into your energetic fields and bodies that are designed to
transmute emotional
negativity so that you can live in this emotionally challenging world but be attuned to the higher
spiritual frequencies
that are aligned with ascension.

o Holy Spirit Cleansing and Purification
o Holy Spirit Trust Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of trust into your
o Holy Spirit Faith Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of faith into your energetic
o Holy Spirit Focus Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of focus on your
path into your energetic systems)
o Activating Your Emissary of Light Within (permanently enhances your light quotient)
o Activating Your Emissary of Love Within (permanently enhances your love quotient)
o Holy Spirit Charity Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of charity into your
energetic systems)
o Anchoring of the Rainbow Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and
less-than-love energies from your energetic systems)
o Anchoring of the Golden Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and
than-love energies from your heart)
o Anchoring of the Platinum Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and
less-than-love energies from your minds and brains)
o Anchoring of the Violet Transmutation Grid (this grid helps clear slow, dense, heavy and
than-love energies from your cellular memory)
o Holy Spirit Devotion to God Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of devotion to
God into your energetic systems)
o Holy Spirit Flow of Creation Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine attribute of being in the
flow of creation into your energetic systems)
o Holy Spirit Transcending Boundaries of Time Infusion (permanent infusion of the divine
attribute of transcending the boundaries of time which is an illusion into your energetic
o Holy Spirit Over-Soul Purification (cleanses and purifies at the over-soul level)
o Holy Spirit Monad Purification (cleanses and purifies at the monadic level)
o Enlightenment Activation for Mastery
o Universal Wisdom Download
o Holy Spirit Miracle Healing Profiles
o Holy Spirit Oneness Activation

• Channeled Description: "Many of you know me from the Horus Mystery School
teachings from ancient Egypt. In those times, I assisted many initiates in the ways of
becoming a “Christed Being” here on earth. It is time again to remember those
teachings and ways to bring them forward to today’s world. Those who will be drawn
to these will be those who had trained in the Egyptian mystery
schools at the last age of enlightenment, the Age of Leo. These  
will reawaken your memory and the encodements that you received in the past so that
you can bring them forward to today’s world. This was part of your initiation and
training you received in ancient Egypt so that you could incarnate at this time and
bring forward the Christed knowledge and gifts to this new age of enlightenment." -
Horus, Ascended Master of the Divine Christed Light

Infinity Emissaries of Love
Channeled Description: “We are the Infinity Councils of Love. We are in service to the
Creator and the Brothers and Sisters of Light. It is our primary purpose to oversee
galaxies, universes, planets and beings in their evolution to enlightenment and mastery.
At pivotal times such as these, we offer spiritual dispensations to accelerate the
evolution of a species in their quest towards enlightenment if we are so directed to by the
GODhead. It is our supreme mission and purpose to offer you the following tools that will
clear all that is in opposition to your path of enlightenment and ascension process.
These gifts will propel you light years ahead in your evolution. There is great
responsibility in accepting these gifts for you will be propelled onto your service mission
to the light for the highest good of all sentients on this world and others. We congratulate
you on your choice to shine!” -The Infinity Councils of Love

The following  provide powerful clearing profiles to clear your limitations to mastery including
clearing your past, your karma, and all that blocks you or has the potential to block you from
your path and plan
with the Creator. You will be permanently aligned to you purposes and destinies and assigned
to the brotherhoods
and sisterhoods of light that are most aligned with your mission for spiritual support and

o Clear Your Histories
o Clear Your Memories
o Clear Your Destinies
o Clear Your Minds
o Clear Your Paths
o Clear Your Souls (soul lineage)
o Clear Your Celestial Maps
o Clear Your Cells
o Clear Your Mitochondria
o Clear Your Master Cell of All Limitations
o Clear Your Sojourns (astral travel)
o Clear Your Planetary Karma
o Clear Your Galactic Karma
o Clear Your Universal Karma
o Clear Your Solar Karma
o Clear Your Karma Sub-Cycle(s)
o Realigning to Power Points of the Universe
o Alignment to the Brotherhoods/Sisterhoods of Light that are in Alignment with Your Service
o Access to the Hermes Temples of Knowledge for Your World Service

• Isis is personified as the female creative power that conceived and brought forth all living
creatures. Through the ancient Egyptian legend of losing her husband (Osiris) and the great
she experienced, and the healing process needed to reclaim her power to conquer the evil
that killed her husband, it teaches us how to do the same within our being and soul. These
assists one in balancing the emotions so that the male and female sides of
each individual can unite. Through the feminine force, the heart is nurtured and fulfilled. In
to heal the deep seeded emotional wounds we carry, we must first balance the forces of the
and mind, and the male and the female within ourselves, to evolve to a new wholeness in

Channeled Description: “Within each and every one of you is a blueprint. This blueprint
contains the knowledge and mysteries of this cosmos as well as your spiritual plan with
the Creator. Your spiritual plan is the map you and your Monad work from that contains
the lessons to be experienced and learned and karma that needs to be balanced for all
your incarnated personalities and experiences. This blueprint is contained in every
aspect of your being, from the macrocosm (your monad) to the microcosm (your cells).
The Kaballah is the study of that blueprint that leads to knowledge of not only “you” and
your ascension to GOD, but to the creation and function of all of the Cosmos. These
are a spiritual dispensation to heal, balance and re-pattern all that
weakens one in their blueprint in the following areas listed below. In doing so, one will be
propelled to the next level in their ascension process.” The Mother of all Creation

This contains activations for:

o Sovereignty
o Messiah
o Infinity
o White Universe
o Scepter of Avatar
o Heart of Hearts
o Love Infusion from the Mother of All Creation
o Removal of Obstacles (calibrated for each person)
o Clearing of the Paths
o Clearing the Sephiroth
o Clearing the Angle of Rightness
o Clearing the Angle of Balance
o Clearing the Angle of Justice
o Clearing the Angle of Devotion
o Clearing the Angle of Prosperity
o Clearing the Angle of Severity
o Clearing the Angle of Wisdom
o Clearing the Angle of Clarity
o Clearing the Angle of Purpose
o Clearing the Angle of Kingdomhood

• Channeled Description: "I am the embodiment of divine love. Feel my love for you
radiate throughout your being. This is your true nature that you have forgotten and
I will assist you in that remembrance. I am here to teach you and to reawaken in
you your greatest love for self, others and all of Creation. You are that love now
but have through the veils of time and illusion forgotten your true mastery. Allow
me to reawaken or shall I say, reconnect you to this great love that resides within
you." Lord Krishna, Avatar

• Channeled Description: “Feel my love and know that it is I, Kuthumi. I have
mastered the realm of magnetic properties for healing, balance and harmony. I
pass these magnetic gifts unto you in these to propel you
forward in great healing and in the awakening of your great mastery. For you see,
you are all ready great masters, but have been veiled to the truth of who you really
are. I will lift those veils and reveal to you the love that you truly are.” -
Ascended Master Kuthumi

Lady Nada  
• Channeled Description: “Feel my love for you and you will find the shackles of
your heart melt away, for when you love, you know true freedom. Allow me to
assist you in awakening your true nature, that which is love. I will assist you in
these  to activate blessed facets with in your heart chakra so
that you may awaken greater levels of love with in your being.” - Blessed Lady

• Channeled Description: “Hello, I AM Lakshmi. I am honored to be of service to the
Divine by gifting you with these that will make your heart soar
into the highest heavens. By awakening the love of your heart, you awaken to your
true mastery and awaken to the GOD, the Divinity with in you, to know and
experience greater worlds.” - In Loving service, Lakshmi

• Channeled Description: “Greetings great ones! We are the Lemurian Council of
Elders on the 9th dimension, here to assist in the awakening of your ancient
memories of the true vastness and greatness that you are. Long ago, you were
GOD and you co-created with GOD and brought Heaven to Earth. Great
civilizations of peace and harmony rose and all was perfectly balanced in heaven
above and on the earth below. After the fall of Conscious, that memory and
knowledge was lost and this precious gift was taken in the protective care of the
great masters and mystery schools only to be taught to a select few initiates who
exhibited “Christ” qualities. It is time again to bring Heaven on Earth. Let us
awaken the truth of who you are so that you can once again create heaven on earth
and be in the conscious creation flow with the One True Creator and all of its
splendid Creation.” - The Lemurian Council of Elders, 9th Dimension

Living in the Now
• Channeled Description: “In the spiritual realms “time” is an illusion and does not
exist. I must say that “time” here on earth is also but an illusion, but an illusion
designed to give you the framework to work through your lessons and to give you
a sense of mortality. “Living in the Now” is a choice of the masters to transcend
time and illusion to work on great levels of mastery and enlightenment. When one
transcends time by living in the “now”, the world of possibilities opens up and the
sky is the limit.” - The Mother of All of Creation

The next seven Sequences  originate from the Ascended Masters at Shamballa

– the headquarters so to speak for the Spiritual Hierarchy responsible for Gaia. These
are advanced mastery activations for the seven physical body chakras or energy centers.

Lotus in the Crown
• Channeled Message: “These are Shamballa  that in the past
were given to few initiates in sacred ceremony on an individual basis. Today we
are able to reach more of you through this gift . In these
sequences, you will receive downloads to Buddha mastery of the crown chakra,
which is mastery of the Christed self and its expression in the service to others.
Your crown will be Christed and blessed and upgraded in vibration and frequency
to the highest heavens. Each initiate will receive their own unique initiation that is
calibrated to their mastery. These  are given once for this
lifetime.” -Quan Yin

Lotus in the Heart
• Channeled Message: “These are Shamballa  that in the past
were given to a few initiates who dedicated their lives to their holy work and
servitude. In these sequences, you will receive individual blessings from the
blessed masters of Shamballa to bless and raise the vibration of your heart to
know higher levels of Divine love. These blessings will be given automatically with
permission of your GOD-self throughout your lifetime during initiations of your
heart chakra that support your mastery and love for self and others.” - Quan Yin

. Lotus in the Root
• Channeled Message: "These are Shamballa  that in the past
were given to a few initiates who dedicated their lives to their holy work and
servitude. In these sequences, you will receive individual blessings from the
blessed masters of Shambala to bless and raise the vibration of your root chakra.
These blessings will be given automatically with permission of your GOD-self
throughout your lifetime and help you upgrade your root chakra to support your
mastery.” -Quan Yin

Lotus in the Sacral
• Channeled Message: "These are Shamballa  that in the past
were given to a few initiates who dedicated their lives to their holy work and
servitude. In these sequences, you will receive individual blessings from the
blessed masters of Shambala to bless and raise the vibration of your sacral or
second chakra - aligning it to the divine ideal expression of creativity and sacred
sexuality. These blessings will be given automatically with permission of your
GODself throughout your lifetime during initiations of your sacral or second
chakra that support your mastery. ” - Quan Yin

Lotus in the Solar Plexus
• Channeled Message: "These are Shambala  that in the past
were given to a few initiates who dedicated their lives to their holy work and
servitude. In these sequences, you will receive individual blessings from the
blessed masters of Shamballa to bless and raise the vibration of your solar plexus
chakras to align with the Will of GOD. These blessings will be given automatically
with permission of your GOD-self throughout your lifetime during initiations of
your Solar Plexus chakra that support your mastery and love for self and others.” -
Quan Yin

Lotus in the Third Eye
• Channeled Message: "These are Shamballa mastery sequences that in the past
were given to a few initiates who dedicated their lives to their holy work and
servitude. In these sequences, you will receive individual blessings from the
blessed masters of Shamballa to bless and raise the vibration of your third eye
chakra to perceive Divine Truth. These blessings will be given automatically with
permission of your GOD-self throughout your lifetime during initiations of your
third eye chakra that support your mastery and love for self and others.” - Quan

Lotus in the Throat
• Channeled Message: "These are Shamballa  that in the past
were given to a few initiates who dedicated their lives to their holy work and
servitude. In these sequences, you will receive individual blessings from the
blessed masters of Shamballa to bless and raise the vibration of your throat to
speak higher levels of Divine love and truth. These blessings will be given
automatically with permission of your GOD-self throughout your lifetime during
initiations of your throat chakra that support your mastery and love for self and
others.” - Quan Yin

• Channeled Message: “Greetings divine ones, we are the Mahatma! Feel the love of
our hearts connect to the love of your hearts and become one. For we are all
“one”. We are all the cogs and sprockets that make up the great wheel of Creation.
Each and every one of you has a more important and divine purpose in this wheel
then you will ever know. Let us assist you in great leaps in your consciousness to
know higher realms of love and light.”- The Mahatma

• Channeled Message: “My children, we are in an age of much change, of much
turmoil, and thus, it creates a tremendous opportunity to remember that we are
love, and through our love, we can move mountains and shift the density of this
world to that of a Christed vibration. These are a gift of your
divine birthright that was taken away from humans of this world a very long time
ago by beings that wanted you to forget your brilliance and magnificence of your
Christed self, your God self, of your divine Christed being. I return this memory
and gift to you, like a well needed appendage being returned to you. Blessings my
children on your remembrance, your love and the mastery of your Christed being
as seen through the eyes of your beloved Creator.” - Lord Maitreya

Mary Magdalene
• Channeled Message: "When I was incarnated on earth, I studied along with Jesus
in many mystery schools in Egypt, France, Spain and more. In the trainings we
received, we learned to transcend density and learned to be our highest love at the
Throne of GOD. We learned what it is to be a “Christed Being” and to bring that
knowledge, love and gifts forward to share with the world. These will transform
all that blocks you from your “Christed Self” and will
awaken your gifts of love to share and teach to others so that one day they may
touch and awaken their true Christed Self. In love of the Christ," - Mary

Medicine Buddha
• Channeled Message: "With the confines of time in this world lies great healing and
medicine of the ancients that was brought to this world by very ancient and
advanced beings who had the power to heal by a single touch. These ancients
taught various Indian elders and Buddhist masters the ways of this medicine,
holding it secret and guarded within their hearts through the generations. Today
very few know and practice this wisdom for it was lost due to battles and famine
that claimed the few who carried this knowledge in their hearts.
gifted to our world, once again in numbers lager than ever before, so that this
wisdom and healing can be seeded once again, for the time and the energies are
once again right to make this higher thought fertile in the minds and hearts of men
for the higher good of all." Buddha and The Shamballa Masters of Light

• Channeled Message: “Within these lies knowledge of your
universal mastery. It is the map to universal consciousness and mastery for not
only your ascension, but for the long awaited ascension of this universe into the
vibration of the Christed universes at the Throne of GOD. It is the quite essential
“spiritual map” that will accelerate your spiritual evolution and this universe’s by
your mere acceptance of it.” - Lord Melchizedek, Universal Logos

Melchizedek Robes of Mastery
Channeled Description: “In your hearts and minds there is a faint glimmer from the past
of times you have trained in my mystery schools and learned of the ways of ascension
and mastery through my channeled teachings. All who are drawn to these robes have
worked with me before and it is time to remember and bring that knowledge forth for the
new dawn of your ascension in this current life. It is my honor to offer you the sacred
robes of initiation as consecrated by the Creator to help you clear all that holds you back
from your mastery and to reclaim the power of your spirit to be the magnificence that you
truly are.” -Lord Melchizedek, Universal Logos

The following Robes of Mastery are magnificent spectrums of brilliant colored rays that are
permanently placed in
one’s energetic fields to provide protection, enlightenment, empowerment and wisdom for
mastery and ascension.
Each robe represents a level of mastery that in the past, took months and sometimes years for
an initiate to earn. In
this special dispensation from Lord Melchizedek, he will empower you with all 20 initiatory
levels to propel you
forward in a grand leap in your ascension process.

• Yellow Robe – Initiation into Wisdom
• Red Robe – Initiation into Passion and Devotion to God
• Royal Blue Robe – Initiation for Higher Wisdom
• Magenta Robe – Initiation for Higher Love
• Violet Robe – Initiation for Higher Protection
• Indigo Robe – Initiation to Access Sacred Texts and Wisdom of the Ages
• Turquoise Robe – Initiation to Bring Higher Spiritual Concepts into Physical Reality
• Gold Robe – Initiation for Non-Interference
• Platinum Robe with Crown – Initiation to Purify Thoughts
• White with Rainbow Iridescence Robe with Crown – Initiation into Universal Frequencies of
• Pink Golden Robe – Initiation for Purity of Heart, Mind and Soul
• Yellow with White Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Alignment with Universal Wisdom
• Green with Blue Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Self
• Magenta with Indigo Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Omniscience
• Lime Green with Yellow Iridescence Robe – Initiation for Mastery of Heart
• Orange with Gold Flecks Robe – Attunement to Experience Higher Vibrations of Love
• Sea Blue/Green with Silver Iridescence Robe – Initiation to Balance Mind and Heart
• Magenta with Orange Iridescence Robe – Initiation to align heart and mind with GOD
• Platinum, Silver and Gold Robe with Crown – Initiation for Universal Mastery and Service
• Rose Platinum Robe with Crown – Initiation into Universal Mastery of the Heart

• Channeled Message: “These  contain mastery codes from the
“true” Keys of Enoch in its most pristine and holy form as it was originally brought
to this world to assist in the ascension of all. It is the untouched, ever expanding
codes in its most sacred form, that will be downloaded into your mastery archives,
to be initiated at divine moments in your evolution to propel you forward in your
gifts & mastery.” -Metatron

Metatron, Mahatma, Melchizedek
• Channeled Message: “These  combine many mystery school
activations and many ascension schools of thought to assist one in achieving their
mastery. It combines Egyptian, Lemurian, Atlantean, Sirian and Pleadian schools
of thought to assist and awaken in the incarnated souls here in this world,
advanced and specialized gifts that are a part of their mastery codes that have not
been awakened for more than 70,000 years, at the last age of Enlightenment. If it is
in your coding to have this awakened, then you will be drawn to these mastery
sequences, which will act like a key to open and activate this most ancient mastery
within you.” - The Creator

• Channeled Message: "Greetings, for I am Mohammed. I welcome you to the
greatest love that is all ready contained within your heart of hearts. Allow me to
share my mastery and love for you and GOD. Allow me to awaken your divine path
and plan with the Creator and restore your place high in the cosmos at the throne
of GOD. Allow me to show you the way to quiet your mind, find peace and
tranquility within your being, within your soul, within your destiny. Within the
peace and solitude of the mind is the answers you seek. For I am Mohammed
and I bid you farewell."

Mother Mary • Channeled Message: "Allow the love of my heart to illuminate your
This is the love that GOD has and feels for you at any and all times. This is the love
that heals, this is the love that miracles are created from. Allow us to heal your
weaknesses, strengthen you, and raise you to the truth of your divinity, your
omnipotence. Allow us to dust you off, polish you so that you shine and resonate
like a jewel in perfection. Within my arms is salvation and safety. Within my arms
there is great love and healing waiting for you. Allow me to take you to greater
heights of love where you can soar like an angel, boundless, ageless, bathe in this
most divine light." -Mother Mary

Mother of All Creation
Channeled Description: “Dear ones, you come into physical manifestation on this world
carrying so many burdens. You carry the burdens of karma, genetics, and if that were not
enough, the burden of learning to love your self and others unconditionally, which some
of you may agree is no small feat in this grand illusion of duality. Another big lesson you
must conquer for your spiritual evolution is learning to forgive yourself and others for
their actions. This is the key to balancing one’s karma and setting yourself free from
relationships that no longer serve you. If you can master forgiveness then you have
surely entered master hood and I congratulate you. If you have not, call upon me and I
will assist you in finding infinite love and forgiveness in your heart, more than enough for
yourself and others. In the following sequences, I have provided you with spiritual
dispensations that will assist you in healing and balancing vast amounts of karma from
your archives. It will free you of negative programming from your birth as a soul and
every incarnation you had in form, including your birth in this life. It will also serve you
by healing karma from past lives that will cause the scales to tip in a balanced motion.” -
The Mother of All Creation

This  contains activations for:

• Learning to Love Self
• Learning to Love Others
• Learning to Forgive Self
• Learning to Forgive Others
• Rebirthing into Your Perfection
• Newborn Cleanse
• Total Restoration of the Heart Chakra (rebuilding your heart chakra and aligning it to all divine
• Re-Patterning the Subconscious Mind (raising the vibration of the subconscious mind to Christ
• Transcendence of the Lower Self (personality) to the Higher Self/Soul
• Karmic Balancing of the Heart
• Karmic Balancing for Misuse of Power
• Karmic Balancing of Suicide (from past lives)
• Karmic Balancing of Murder (from past lives)
• Karmic Balancing of the Scales (injustices)
• Karmic Balancing of the Mind
• Karmic Balancing of the Soul
• Karmic Balancing of the Monad
• Karmic Balancing of Planetary Natural Resources (interactions with planet/environmental
• Karmic Balancing for Misuse of the Heavens (misusing the divine creation energies from
• Karmic Balancing of the Cosmos

Music of the Spheres
• Channeled Description: “This universe and the universes beyond are magnificent
creations of divine love that carry its own frequencies, tones, and notes that are
beyond the range of your music in this world. Each tone or note is the sound of
perfection that creates a reverberating effect that balances and harmonizes all of
Creation. When these divine notes combine, it produces a divine and miraculous
symphony of heavenly proportions. For those who are tuned to these frequencies,
they will hear this celestial music of divine love. Sometimes when ones’ soul
leaves this world and journeys to their heavenly destination, this symphony can be
heard and felt. These will bring the great gifts of love, healing,
balance and harmony to you. Enjoy this most magnificent blessing.” - The

Omniverse Emissaries of Love
Channeled Description: Let us introduce ourselves: We are the Omniverse Councils of
Love. We are under the service and direction of the Creator to offer support, healing and
knowledge that propel nations and worlds in their evolution to enlightenment and
spiritual growth. We have been watching and studying your planet for some time waiting
for the opportunity to assist, waiting for the horn to sound signaling your readiness for
advancement. The horn has sounded and we are here in love, light and in service to you
and this world. The profiles we offer below will provide great leaps in mastery in the
joining of the heart and mind and the activation of great perceptatory gifts (psychic gifts).
We will expand your ability to tune in to higher spiritual knowledge, referred to your
initiates of the past as the nectar or ambrosia of the Gods, and to bring those concepts
here for the higher learning and expansion of all. We also understand the density of
emotions on this planet and the great need for advanced shielding by those who are
sensitive to this. We are happy to assist you in this endeavor so that you can remain in
your strength and power and not be depleted by the lower denser vibrations that are
native to this planet and part of its transcendence and evolution into the light. We are
honored to be of service! Blessings in love and light,” - The Omniverse Councils of Love

Some of the activations in this include:

• Mastery of the Third Eyes
• Mastery of the Crowns
• Mastery of the Christos Hearts
• Mastery of the Christos Ears
• Gifts of Mastery (activates the gifts and talents that are encoded in your energy fields)
• Purging and Realignment of Energetic Fields and Bodies
• Establishing the Tuning Fork of Your Destiny
• Activating the Golden Rod of Power in Your Central Channel
• Heart Infinity Expansion
• Emotional Filter for the Solar Plexus
• Emotional Filter for Lower Back
• Emotional Filter for the Heart
• Emotional Filter for the Brains and Minds
• Emotional Filter for the Feet
• Emotional Filter for the Ascension Seat at the Back of the Head
• Activation of the Rings of Mastery (located above crown)
• Activation of the Rings of Fire and Power (located below feet chakras)
• Activation of the Heart Rings of Compassion
• Activating the Christos Ascension Chakra
• Omniverse Halo Activation

Omniverse Merlin
• Channeled Description: “On our path to mastery, we encounter greatness that can
not be defined. It is the trials and tribulations that lead us to great discovery of self
and the worlds we live in. Some may say that this discovery is truly magical, for
mere words can not describe the feelings of accomplishment, knowingness and
deep love that flow with in our veins when we reach and discover higher truths.” -
Omniverse Merlin

Opening the Heart  
• Channeled Description: “One can not reach mastery without first mastering the
heart. The heart teaches us to love, to serve and to be full of compassion which
opens the doors to illimitable possibilities of self, of servitude, of GOD. In these
, you will receive spiritual dispensations that will free the
limitations and restrictions your have placed on your heart so that new doors can
open that will lead to your omnipotence at the throne of GOD.” - The Mother of All
of Creation

Peace of GOD  
Channeled Message: “Within the stillness of your mind, you will find the Peace of GOD.
Within the deepest love of your heart, you will find the Peace of GOD. With in the highest
light of your soul, you will find the Peace of GOD.” - GOD

• These  will infuse you with the Peace of GOD and assist one in removing
blocks and barriers to your peace and tranquility that is your divine birthright.

Planetary Ascension  
• Channeled Description: “When one embarks on a path of love and light, ascension
is eminent. These provide the tools needed to assist one in the
many levels of ascension initiation leading up to and including their planetary
ascension.” – The Creator

Platinum Emissaries of Love
• Channeled Description: "Greetings! We are the Platinum Emissaries of Love. We
are called this since our energy fields appear platinum in color to those who see
energy. We are evolved beings who are working closely with your planet at this
time to assist all those who are ready for ascension. We have ascension key codes
for you that will propel you in great levels of mastery in a short period of time. In
the past one had a lifetime to study and achieve ascension, but due to the
accelerated energies on the planet and the need for more and more masters to
awaken to anchor Heaven on Earth, we are gifting you this most blessed
dispensation from the offices of the Holy of Holies. May light shine!." - The
Platinum Emissaries of Love

Quantum Healing and Manifesting
• Channeled Description: “These blessed  will assist one in
healing the blocks to manifestation as they exist in one’s quantum spaces or the
universal spaces of one’s energetic beingness. Typical blocks one may have in
their quantum spaces could include blocks to manifesting abundance, loving
relationships, opportunities for career and opportunities for great healing. These
blessed mastery sequences are calibrated for each and everyone who choose
them, assisting in great levels of clearing with in your universal spaces.” – The

Quan Yin
Channeled Description: “(Laughter) I am Quan Yin. You focus too hard on your
spirituality and your ascension process looking to receive all the activations you can get
to get you closer and closer to your mastery. Ahhhhhh……..but you forget that mastery
means many things and encompasses many things. This is what you have not learned or
I would not be here now talking with you……right? (Laughter) Mastery is fun, not serious.
It is about smelling the roses along the way. Many of you think you should take time to
smell the roses only after you have reached mastery tsk… tsk… tsk…. Mastery is also
about mastering child-like qualities and innocence, to enjoy life and have fun. Something
this world does not know much of. That’s why I am here to serve and help you to
remember this part of you, a part of you that you work hard to deny! Some of you refer to
this part of you as your inner child and “yes” it is and then again “no” it is not. It is much
more. It is the part of you that keeps you in balance…that expands you to knowledge and
the wonders of this world. In innocence and purity so much more is opened to you….and
that is mastery!” -Quan Yin

The first thing Quan Yin did was give me a lecture on the importance of being more joyful,
playful and fun. I was
feeling a lot of pressure to get this work out into the world on that day and as soon as I asked
for these sessions for
myself, I felt an immediate shift to a more care-free, light-hearted space. Some of the
activations in this are for:

o Joy
o Laughter
o Fun
o Frivolity
o Innocence (child-like)
o Care-Free
o Peace
o Serenity
o Solitude
o Attunement to All Things in Creation
o Play
o Contagious Joyfulness
o Compassion
o Compassion with Wisdom
o Flow of Mastery
o Attunement to the Natural Rhythms
o Rolling with the Punches
o Self Appreciation
o Gratitude
o Passion

Rainbow Emissaries of Love
• Channeled Description: "We are the Rainbow Emissaries of Love and we exist in a
universe that is three universes away from yours. We are the masters of color and
healing and we are delighted to bestow these magnificent gifts to you. Allow us to
heal your weaknesses, your ills, your cares & your worries. Allow us to restore you
to health and vitality and activate within your divine blueprints the key codes for
health, vitality and immortality. We thank you for this blessed opportunity to
serve!" The Rainbow Emissaries of Love

Releasing the Past
• Channeled Description: “The past holds memories that no longer serve our
highest good and serve to limit the mastery of our lessons and growth. These
are a spiritual dispensation to assist one in removing the
shackles and limitations of the past so that a new future can be created by
“conscious choice” and not by the past programming that had led to many trials
and tribulations in your search for truth.” -The Mother of All Creation

Saint Germain
• Channeled Description: “Let me share with you the gift of alchemy and
transformation! We will transform your lower vibrational or negative emotions and
raise them to the vibration of your soul. We will spiritualize your less desirable
emotions to raise you to new levels of being, to new levels of mastery, to new
levels of expression that comes from your soul. Energetic filters will be
permanently placed in specific locations in your auric fields to purify and
spiritualize all that you send out to others and all that you receive from others,
empowering each energetic interaction to come from higher levels of light and
love.” - St. Germain

Sanat Kumara
• Channeled Description: "Within these  contains the greatest gift.
That is the gift of knowing your true self. In knowing your true self you know your
spiritual gifts and your greatest love for all of Creation, for you are creation and
creation is you…you are one and in that oneness lies great mastery, great potentiality,
great service and the greatest love. These will propel you to the
greatest heights of mastery and accelerate your ascension process allowing you to be
a great beacon of light to teach and guide others. These are for
the most serious and dedicated ascension initiates for it will propel you into greater
planetary service." - Sanat Kumara

Self Love  
• Channeled Description: "In order for another to love us the way we chose to be loved,
we must first learn to love ourselves. In loving ourselves, we discover the way GOD
loves us through his eyes and heart. Self-Love can be difficult to master due to the
socialization and upbringing that most of you experience that tells you that you are
not good enough unless you are thin, beautiful, successful and rich. All of these
things are illusions designed to trap you in a world where you are more separated
from GOD and his love. These  will awaken the truth that you are
GOD’s love no matter what you do or don’t do. They will serve to heal the wounds of
your past and to raise you to the greatest heights of GOD’s love. In knowing and
experiencing GOD’s love, you will be able to understand and love yourself, for you are
a divine extension of GOD’s love created from his greatest love." - Mother Mary,
Sophia and Quan Yin

Serapis Bey  
• Channeled Description: “The mind is a miraculous gift from spirit. It is an energetic
computer that expands and grows as one’s perceptions of their world grows. In these
allow me to assist you to know and understand the wisdom of the
heart and to bring that expansion to the mind.” - Sepapis Bey

• Channeled Description: "Let me shower you with the White Christ light of Shamballa
to heal you, raise your light quotient and activate your DNA. Learn the ways of
enlightenment and of the Christ/Buddha in our temple of light. You will undergo in
your dream time a series of Buddha initiations and activations to raise your light and
love quotient so that you too can become a Christed Buddha and bring Heaven on
Earth. May you find the love, the peace and the tranquility of GOD in your mind and
heart." - Lord Buddha

• Channeled Description: "Allow me to cast out the demons that possess you so that
more love and light can fill those spaces in your heart and being. Allow me to show
you how to be a beacon of love and light without drawing the lesser energies to you.
Allow me to show you how to master and conquer your fears and replace them with
the greatest love. I AM Lord Shiva, a warrior of the greatest love from the Michael line
and I am in service to you and the light." - Lord Shiva, Avatar

Sirian High Council
• Channeled Message: “Before the fall of consciousness on this world, there were
many races of galactic beings that shared life with humans on this planet. One of
these advanced beings was the “Blue Ones” or the Sirians. We are the “Blue
Ones” portrayed in Eastern Indian Culture as various deities. We resemble
humans, but out skin pigment is blue in nature. Many of you have the “blue” Sirian
blood in your veins from your descendents. The “Blue blood” as we call it is really
DNA codes for mastery and ascension. These  will activate
these Sirian Christed codes that are a part of your DNA coding and spiritual
heritage to reclaim your position among the masters of this realm.” - The

• Channeled Message: "We are Helios and Vesta, the ascended masters and
guardians of the sun and its energies. We work with the Councils of Love and the
Creator in releasing energy rays or cosmic rays from the sun to your planet and
others in this universe to assist in enhancing the ascension process. These
will assist one in receiving the highest level of sun energies in
this universe to assist in ones’ ascension process. In doing so, you become the
root race that anchors this ascension energy for the planet so that others in their
own divine timing can ascend as well. You become the beacon that makes it the
reality for others when they are ready to take that step in their evolution." - Helios
and Vesta

• Channeled Description: “Sovereignty is a word, value, ideal that one chooses to
have in ones life but, one is not quite sure what this truly means. Sovereignty is
the freedom one feels to be a truly free being without the dictation or influences of
another. To have the ability to pursue ones interests and abilities without the
confinements of society. Sovereignty is about having true freedom over ones
body, energetic spaces and ones being for the pursuit of light and truth. These
will propel one into the realms of discovery to know what
sovereignty truly is.” - The Mother of all of Creation

Spirals of Evolution
• Channeled Description: “When one observes the nature of a spiral, one can
observe that it has a starting point that coils outward into space getting wider and
wider, encompassing more and more energetic space. The spirals of evolution
operates on the same principle. It has a starting point and expands outward into
space as a species, planet, universe, etc. evolves. Each and every one of you have
your own spiral of evolution, as well as races, nations, planets, universes and the
cosmos. These  will assist you in great leaps in your soul
evolution by taking you to higher operating levels of your spiral.” - The

Starseed Activations
• Channeled Message: “My children these  are for my special
starseeds who came here to this world for a very special and sacred mission.
These will awaken within your coding your sacred and most
important path and plan with me for the highest good of this world that is yet to be
seen. If you are drawn to these , then you will feel this
acceptance resonate in your heart of hearts. These  will
activate within your coding great mastery like divine strings of a harp vibrating in
sequences and in unison, playing a divine symphony of tones of love of the
highest love, awakening you to your soul, to your light and to your love.” - The

• Channeled Description: “Many of you pray for help and guidance and find your
self frustrated because you feel your prayers and requests have gone unanswered.
The key to receiving, is to “get out of your own way”, so to speak, and to let the
help and guidance come in. How does one do this? One does this by surrendering
the issue or problem to GOD and stepping back to allow a solution to manifest,
knowing that all is in divine order and that you may get something back that is
even better than you had originally asked if you just allow your self to step back,
surrender to GOD and to receive the bountiful of blessings. These will assist you in “getting
out of your own way” so that you can be
open to the heavens’ blessings, guidance, love and miracles.” -The Mother of
all of Creation

• Channeled Description: “Thor and Freya are Nordic deities and blessed ascended
masters that had learned to overcome the confines of duality, of masculinity and
femininity and to rejoice in the oneness of all of Creation. These  will assist one in overcoming
major barriers and obstacles in their life,
to transcend duality and to master the cosmic law of Oneness. They will teach you
how to transcend the illusionary confines of duality and to embrace the oneness of
all of Creation.” - The Creator

Channeled Description: “It is time for me to share with you the mysteries of the cosmos
and how to master them as a co-creator with GOD. I will provide you with the necessary
initiations to raise you to the vibratory levels necessary to receive these gifts, teachings
and training. Many have trained in my mystery schools in Atlantis and Egypt and
mastered this knowledge. Now in this age of Aquarius, I am opening the doors to my
school once again for you and others to receive this knowledge and training. Once you
accept these  you become a student in my school for a lifetime of
teachings that will raise you to great mastery levels to support your service mission to
the light. We are all one.” - Thoth

Some of the activations in this  include:

• Temple Initiation (varies from individual as to which temple)
• Initiation into the Divine
• Initiation into Self
• Aligning Will with the Creator
• Initiation into the Emerald Tablets
• Initiation into the Book of Thoth
• Golden Keys to Mastery
• Golden Keys to Ascension
• Initiation into the Doors of Mastery
• Initiation into the Process of Infinite Expansion
• Initiation into the Book of Creation
• Removing the Veils of Space, Time and Illusion
• Transcending the Limitations of the Zodiac
• Transcending the Limitations of the Human DNA
• Transcending the Multidimensional Veils
• Initiation into the Book of the Sun
• Initiation into the Halls of Wisdom
• Rebirth
• Expansion and Awareness of All Probable Realities
• Harnessing the Energies of the Universe for Mastery

Throne of GOD  
• Channeled Description: "The “Throne of GOD” is an advanced ascension initiation
that taps one into their omnipotent co-creator powers as GOD.  will be given and received in
the divine timing that matches your
evolution where you have reached high levels of control over your thoughts and
high levels of mastery of the Christed heart. Once the initiate receives this
activation their planetary responsibilities will increase and more contracts will be
made with various Councils of Love for the highest good of the planet and all
sentient beings, for one will be receiving instruction and guidance from the highest
realms love and light as one acts as an emissary of their light and love." – GOD

Transcending the Ego
• Channeled Description: “Some feel that ego is both a blessing and a curse. Ego
allows one to work through a series of lessons that lead to a higher evolution of
truth. Without the ego, there would be no diversity for us to master. If we focus on
our ego as our friend and not as our enemy, one will find that transcending the ego
is much easier and pleasant. These  will assist in this mastery
in ease and grace and allow you to transcend greater heights of enlightenment
where you soul will rise to meet GOD on the heavenly planes.” - The Mother of
All of Creation

Transcending Fear
• Channeled Description: "You come into this world having to master karma, fear,
density and in the process experience great diversity as you work to master duality.
This is no small feat and we honor you and love you for the challenges you have
chosen to master for the greater good of all. We are here for you to help you, to heal
you and to guide you on this magnificent journey. We would like to gift you with
that will assist you in transcending your fear, for when you
transcend fear, you are immersed in the greatest love of GOD and the cosmos." -Lord
Shiva, Lord Michael Christ and Mother Mary

Trinity Emissaries of Love
Channeled Description: “Hello blessed ones: We come here in service and in light! We
masters are in service to assist those on their service paths and missions with the
Creator. We have come to awaken your memory of the contracts you have made with the
Creator prior to coming here in form. The call has been made and your time of awakening
is here. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! We will prepare you to be an emissary of Love and
Light by merging your will with the will of the Creator. We will lovingly guide you and
support you in your mission and provide you with all the resources you will ever need to
make your mission a most successful one. In love, light and blessed remembrance,” -
The Trinity Emissaries of Love

Some of the activations included in this include:

• Thy Will Be Done
• Merging with the Will of the Creator
• Merging with the Heart of the Creator
• Merging with the Soul of the Creator
• Merging Your Body of Light with the Creator's Body of Light
• Light Cord Expansion and Anchoring
• Rainbow Bridge Alignment to Higher Dimensions
• Receiving Cords from Higher Dimensions
• Activating the Golden Doors of Opportunity
• Anointing for Higher Spiritual Service
• Preparing Your Channel to Be an Emissary of Light
• Becoming a Channel for the Highest Frequency of Love
• Attunement to Universal Love Frequencies
• Activating Your New World Service Contracts
• Trinity Diamonds Activation (helps to increase clarity and resonance with the pristine
crystalline energies and frequencies)
• Trinity Rubies Activation (clearing frequencies using ruby ray)
• Trinity Rainbow Diamond Activation (Goddess/Creator Rays attunement)
• Trinity Emeralds Activation (healing frequencies using emerald ray)
• Trinity Stars Activation (star seed accelerators)
• Trinity Rejuvenation and Homecoming

Trust Mastery  
• Channeled Description: “Trust can be difficult to master when in this world you
have been taught not to trust. You are raised not to trust strangers and people who
are different. You are taught not to trust your instincts and your intuition. When
you are taught to mistrust, it reinforces more separation and duality in society and
its peoples. To trust is to embrace divine truths, universal truths and to trust in
Spirit that Spirit is guiding you every step of the way in your life, in your choices
and in your mastery. These  will assist one in healing vast
pockets of imbalance as it relates to divine trust.” - The Creator

Ultra-Violet Emissaries of Love
Channeled Description: “We are master healers asked to assist you and your world. We
have great knowledge of healing that is 500 light years ahead of your world. We are
called Ultra-Violet Emissaries because we embrace our ultra-violet light body. In this light
body we can not take a vehicle or our energy would instantly combust it upon entering.
But even though we are not encased in a form, it does not mean that we do not
understand your vehicle and how to heal it. We have great knowledge of your human
form as well as many other forms in this universe and its connecting universes. We
understand your great need for clearing and healing to support your path to ascension.
Therefore, we offer you the following that will clear obstacles to your
mastery and ascension process. These sequences will balance the priest/priestess in
you and align you to the GOD within. When this happens, one is energetically aligned
with the divine ideal balance of the masculine, the feminine, power and creation energies.
As your light and love quotient expand, we will offer more extraordinary gifts of clearing
to you to support your blessed endeavors to your most sacred journey back to Source.
With Eternal Love & Devotion,” -The Ultra-Violet Emissaries of Love

This group of Ultra-Violet Emissaries of Love originates from the Void - the space of un-
manifested and unlimited
potentiality. This is one of the twenty Councils of Love that is involved with the collective
awareness of the Void
Emissaries of Love. The focus for this group is on helping people align with their inner divinity.
Some of the
activations in this include ones for:

• Oneness
• Wisdom
• Mastery
• Clarity
• Vision
• Purity
• Alchemy
• Transmutation
• Creation
• Priest
• Priestess
• God
• Emissary
• Illusion
• Time
• Transcendence
• Ascension
• All Seeing Eye of God
• All Loving Heart of God
• I AM a Reflection of My Creator

These are from the Elohim Councils of Love given to this world at this time as a spiritual
They are designed to assist individuals in achieving high levels of mastery by clearing all that
is in
opposition to it. Those things that are in opposition are those things we have carried as
burdens and
density for the eons of time. It is like putting a dirty car though a car wash only to have
revealed at the
end of the wash cycle as a shiny new jewel. These sequences will allow you to become that
pristine jewel.

• Clearing Sequences: A spiritual dispensation designed to rescript one’s childhood and life to
this now
point, rescripting all that is in opposition to a path of enlightenment.
• Healing Sequences: Divine healing sequences that will rescript all that does not support
divine perfection
of the physical body and all its systems.
• Light Expansion Sequences: Sequences designed to assist one during their lifetime in
upgrades in light
quotient with ease and grace.
• Enlightenment Sequences: Ascension sequences designed to assist one in choosing
opportunities that
are most aligned with their path and plan with the Creator. The actual gifts are given in a
different set of
sequences (Divine Seeding Sequences).
• Divine Love Sequences: These sequences are designed to recalibrate and activate ones
heart and being
with the divine love sequences that are one’s birthright. These assist in unconditional love of
self, others
and the “all encompassing love”.
• Empowerment Sequences: These sequences are designed to assist one in their path by
clearing all that
would be in opposition to ones strengths and power that are aligned with their path and plan
with the
• Rescripting Sequences: These sequences rescript the person’s life to be more aligned with
divinity and
their choice to shine in the light.
• Oneness Sequences: These sequences are designed to provide and activate the paradigm
for “Oneness”
with clearing mechanisms as well.
• Removal of Pockets Sequences: Rolls through your time line removing deep pockets of
density. When
you reach these deep pockets in your timeline it can create great turmoil and blessed
discovery of issues to
be healed. Some individuals find it difficult and often debilitating to move through these deep
pockets of
denser vibration (muck) and may create debilitating illnesses that hold them back from moving
forward in
their path. These sequences will roll through the life pulling and rescripting the thought forms
and karmic
lessons making it easier for one to get the discovery and to move forward in their progression
to lightness
at a quicker pace and with ease and grace.
• Realigning your Path Sequences: Through our choices in our lifetime we can deviate or
choose in
opposition to a smooth progression to our mastery. These sequences will rescript and realign
your smooth
progression to mastery.
• Divine Seeding Sequences: Seeds all your gifts and talents in a divine progression and
awakening that
supports your path and plan with the Creator.
• Time-Line Sequencing: Re-sequences your time line to evolve beyond the confines of “time”
here as we
know it, allowing the smooth progression of mastery and supporting immortality.
• Ruby Time Capsule Sequencing: Pink ruby time capsules are placed in your timeline at pivotal
points of
discovery and awakening to support mastery. These time capsules of ruby light contain
healing, clearing,
rescripting mechanisms and the activation of gifts. These time capsules are divine
dispensations from the
Creator designed to accelerate one on their path. They are offered to the GOD self of the
• Axiotonal Alignment Sequences: Aligns one to the stars, planetary systems and universal
energy grids
that support their grand spiritual evolution.
• Divine Flame Sequences: These sequences are designed to work in harmony with the other
to assist individuals in clearing and upgrades throughout their spiritual evolution.
• Divine Intervention Sequencing: These sequences assist one in placing “divine interventions”
in ones
path where needed to assist each individual if they become blocked in their path, if they are at
a crossroads
where one could lead them to the divine and one could lead them astray. These interventions
are blessed
opportunities that are offered to assist the individual in following their truth.
• “Divine Heart” Sequences: Assists one through their evolution in providing automatic
upgrades to their
heart chakra and the chambers with in, allowing one to evolve to the “Divine Heart” of the
• Divine Flow Sequence: We have discovered that beings on your world have difficulty in
going with the
flow of Creation. These sequences will assist individuals in clearing opposition to this flow
and to pave the
way of what this flow is by providing blueprints, imprints and templates to work from (new
wiring). This will
allow a being to be in the flow of the divine creation so that once you choose it and embrace
it, all your
actions will be in the divine flow and you will live your life of service with ease and grace,
• Divine Lantern Sequences: These sequences will roll throughout the person’s lifetime lighting
up the
highest choices at any given moment that will support their evolution to higher consciousness
and mastery.
These sequences are not stagnant and will constantly shift and change as you make your
choices, always
lighting the way to the best possible outcome for each individual.
• Multi-Universal Seeding of Gifts Sequences: These sequences will assist one in the seeding
of the
divine ideal gifts for multi-universal service work and ascension path.

Void Emissaries of Love
Channeled Description: “Greetings! We are the “Void Emissaries of Love” that are
composed of 50+ Councils of Love, and growing, to assist the beings on this world. This
is the first time we have worked in collaboration with humans, and more specifically, with
humans on earth and we find this to be a very interesting prospect and venture.
In our world, the void, exists many many cities of light. We operate at the 144th
dimensional level and have never experienced form or physical bodies such as you do.
We work with advanced principles of light and healing that has reached its time to be
brought to this world to assist all who choose to embrace it. We work with the purity of
color as seen through the eyes of Creator to assist those in clearing and healing on an
individual basis, on a planetary level, and at times, on a galactic level if we are called in
to do so. We work with all levels of the energetic system, including the spiritual
structures that are being activated in some advanced beings on this planet for the first
time in ages. We look forward to learning about your form as we are sure that you look
forward to learning about us and together we will grow and expand in the light. In loving
service,” -The Void Emissaries of Love

These  are very advanced clearing and purifying rays that have not been brought into this
galaxy before now. These rays are composed of pure colors that are light years more
advanced then our 4th
dimensional color spectrum on earth and we did our best to identify and describe these rays
by using our 4th
dimensional color perception. If you tune in to these sequences energetically you will feel their
magnificence and
purity. These beings work with 100% pure spectrum ray colors of all the rays that have been
created by the
Creator. They told us that the 7 rays that we work with on this planet are watered down in its
strength and operate
at only 10% of their full capacity due to where the evolution of this planet is now. These ray
transmissions below will
be stepped down for our form and calibrated for each individual to give the greatest
assistance in clearing and
healing that is far more advanced that what we have had previously available.

• Blue Ray: Essential clearing for the emotional body.
• Violet Ray: Purification of energetic bodies and systems.
• Bright Orange Ray: Gross/Macro level extraction of imbalances and slow energy from the
bodies and systems.
• Magenta Ray: Fine/Micro level extraction of imbalances and slow energy from the energetic
bodies and
• Blue/Turquoise Ray: Brings in the energies of tranquility and solitude to soothe the energetic
bodies and
systems after the bright orange and magenta ray clearings.
• Red/White Ray: Purification and healing ray.
• Orange/White Ray: Energetic tonic to calm and soothe the organs.
• Blue/Green Ray: Balances the electromagnetic energy fields of the organs, bodies, systems
and spaces.
• Golden/White Ray: Spiritualizes the energetic bodies and systems by raising the vibration for
health, well-being and vitality.
• Orange/Magenta Ray: Transmutes lower vibration energies and frequencies.
• Blue/Violet Ray: Higher level version of the Violet Flame that works on all of the energy
• White/Light Blue Ray: Balances and realigns the subtle energy bodies.
• Purple/Fuchsia Ray: Clears the mind, heart and the heart/mind connection.
• White/Green Ray: Heals the heart chakra.
• White/Pink Ray: Heals the multi-dimensional heart.
• White Opal/Blue/Green/Pink Ray: Realigns the individual to the Creator.
• Salmon Pink Ray: Balances and recalibrates one in love.
• Orange/Yellow/Magenta Ray: Chakra clearing and anointing.
• Pea-Green/Lime Ray: Clears stagnant energies from the energetic bodies and systems.
• Multi-Colored Ray Infusion of 200 Other Rays: These additional rays purify, balance, heal,
align and
spiritualizes the energetic bodies, fields and systems so that humans can embody higher level
energies and frequencies.

• Channeled Description: ‘Welcome! Welcome! We are very old and wise and we
will show you the long forgotten ways to be in this world, but not of this world. We
are the Zen Masters and we will show you how to be in the moment and to bring
peace and joy to all your daily actions and activities from love. Through silence, we
become one with all of creation. Through silence, we become one with our soul.
Through silence, we reclaim our connection to the Creator of all things. Through
silence, we become wiser than the wise. No chore is mundane for all contributes to
the whole. No being’s existence is mundane, for all contributes to the whole. We
are here to teach you what you all ready knew, but forgotten.” -We are the Zen
Instant transmission of sessions after payment