Benefits of DNA activation can range from allergy relief and increased
energy to better relationships and renewed life purpose. Since DNA
regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our
being,the possibilities are endless!

According to the Archangel Metatron, some of the benefits include:

Empowers you to bring forth talents and abilities as yet unrealized.
Enables you to have more energy.
Brings more clarity into your life.
Strengthens your immune system.
Releases unconscious patterns stored within the physical body.
Increases utilization of your inherent brain power.
Creates greater opening for ongoing connection with your Higher Self.
Clears your individual and family karmic patterns.
Raises cellular vibration.

Benefits of DNA activation include:

Increased energy and clarity
A stronger immune system
Use of more of your brain's potential
Greater efficiency of your nerves, skin, blood, respiratory system and
Discovery of new talents and abilities
Releases unconscious patterns
Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
Receive and hold more light in your physical body
Aligns you to accomplish your purpose for this lifetime
DNA Activation raises your vibrational frequency

Physical :

Increase desire for pure water intake.
Body detoxifies and purifies
Better nutrition/ less food
Hair and nails grow faster
Frequent lucid dreaming
Feel younger as energy level increases
Quickened capacity for self healing
Quicker manifestations

Psychological :

Keener sense of knowing
Pace and calmness within
Old truths and beliefs no longer work
Enhanced self trust and awareness
Replacing &seeking with resolving
Precise use of language Conscious Languaging)
Enhanced discernment
Increased sensitivity, perceptions, and telepathy

Relationships :

Seeing relationships more clearly
Attracting soul mates and soul families
Letting go of old stuff, people and things

Inner Awareness and Self Discovery :

Increased ability to face self-truths
Finding answers that have meaning and clarity
Transforming uncertainties into truths
Staying focused in the moment
Speaking your truth and expressing yourself

DNA carries the blueprint to our physical and psychological makeup,storing
memory of our genetic characteristics straight down the ancestral line. It is
believed that emotional and behavioural patterns are also inherited
through DNA and via activation; any harmful or dysfunctional traits can be
re-coded to clear the negative genetic patterning. Living cells containing
DNA produce their own electromagnetic activity.

Our physical body is already Light, it just vibrates at a different frequency
of Light to our other bodies that are not third dimensional