The shields will assist one in the ultimate protection that is available from GOD at
any given time in your evolution so that you can evolve
without the distractions of lower vibrations hindering your growth. These shields will
allow discovery of issues to be healed, while still providing optimal protection. In the
past, shields would come down or become less effective if a major issue came up
for discovery and the individual was left vulnerable until the issue was discovered
and healed. With these shields you are protected throughout all phases of
discovery and
extra angelic guidance is provided to assist you in all phases of discovery and
healing. These Shields roll back to the seed so that your host body and your
mother are provided with energetic protection throughout the whole gestation and
birthing period. These shields are all one ever needs in this lifetime because these
shields grow and evolve with you - providing optimal shielding, protection and
cloaking as your vibration rises. Once you receive this package, if at anytime during
your evolution you feel you need upgraded shields, all you have to do is silently say
in your mind, “GOD I choose upgraded shielding” and it will be done instantly.
Currently, there are 432+ shields and cloaking mechanisms in this package that
can grow exponentially with the individual."
$20 usd
Instant transmission of session after payment