I have to say thank you very much for your dna activations really have increased
my channeling energy
I've felt really calm and at peace since I've recieved the sessions. Unfortunately, I
did get a headache and I was a little tired, but that's probable my fault for not
drinking enough water. I'm looking forward to doing the Crystalline Gold Light Body
DNA Activation in the up comming week. Thanx again and keep up the good work!
Started feeling some change Sunday evening, as if my mind was being wiped of
certain things that I wanted to hold onto.  Like being repgrogrammed.  I wanted to
stay home and not do anything feeling sleepy.  Others reported me having a
vibration change going higher.
I felt your presence only a few moments ago, i'm still feeling the inner warmth
Thank you so much for the wonderful clearing of my past life karma. I cried tears of
relief. I feel so joyful and so happy for no reason just that I'm free of that past
karma. I felt so relaxed when I went to my exercise class that I was easily able to do
the correct technique which was previously difficult for me to achieve. I also feel a
whole lot lighter in my physical body , particularly my lower back. I also feel
emotionally light. It's like someone has taken gravity away and I'm floating along. I
also feel easier in relating to others. Thank you so much I am very grateful and feel
like a new person
Had a headache for a few days seems to be lifting and feeling a lot lighter.
Shortly before I even got this E-mail I heard a high pitch frequency sound in my left
ear  then your E-mail arrived 30 seconds later. Then I did a search today on DNA
activation and tangible audio effects , and audible effects and I could not talk I was
so amazed.  
I am thirsty all the time and for the first time I woke up with no backache yesterday
The light and energy you sent was too intense
I am drinking a lot water and I have more sensation of more energy around me

I will wait with more dna activations for a while - the energy is too intense since
you did a free one, I can hardly sleep and my body needs to ajust to the detox

Thank you from my heart of hearts!!!!  I feel great, I really appreciate and honor
your work.  I saw lots being cleared and childhood memory being released.  I felt
a great shift and my vibration has been heightened.

I feel better and I am looking forward to order more things from you !

I am drinking plenty of water and meditating, seeing the most wonderful things
and begining to have pre-cognition.   I look forward to the 15,000 strand activation

Thank you for sending me some blue light. It feels real good. I had a very good
day. I forgot all about it, but then I got your msg and - wow- I got it! I just got some
bue light!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart . I have been noticing changes.

Thanx for the activation. Before i read your e-mail today, I felt some changes. I
feel more relax and calm.
Thank you for the White and Gold DNA activation. I definitely feel it.....I will be
purchasing the platinum light body DNA activation soon.

Thank you, I felt the energy as I was receiving it

Yes I have been drinking plenty of water and the activation has worked very well. I
feel a level of sensation that vanished suddenly about a year ago. Now it is back,
and I thank you again!

I would like to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you! Thank
you! Thank you! Love & Light

Thank you so much! The night before I got this my husband had seen a
blue light all around my body that radiated very strongly

I feel awesome. I feel like I have a surplus of energy, and some blocks in my
system have dissolved away. I have also started singing more. Bring on the light.
Thankyou so much.

Thank you for sending me the sessions again.  I feel pressure on my forehead,
and I just have to concentrate on my eye chakra that I feel it's activating

Thank you once again for your service and i look forward to the integration taking
place i feel great